Meet the Roasters

After receiving degrees in Marine Biology in the ‘70’s, Dan and Pam Strickland worked all over the state doing marine mammal research, farming oysters in Kachemak Bay, gathering marine debris along the Katmai Peninsula, fishing commercially in Cook Inlet, Prince William Sound, and Bristol Bay, as well as living nine years in France and Italy. Their four boys were raised on boats, set-net sites, and world travel - through it all, they’ve been fueled by splendid cups of coffee. ​After a dozen years of roasting coffee for friends and family, they made the leap the summer of 2017 to start their own small-batch craft roastery.

"...We believe that a good cup of coffee pays tribute to the environment, the wildlife, and the people who farmed the beans. Our goal is to source the best organic, fairly-traded and sustainably grown coffee beans, and bring them to you freshly-roasted, fragrant and flavorful. Our hope is to make a positive change in the world with every cup of Gale Force coffee."