Welcome to our site and the world of organic Alaskan fresh-roasted coffee. We just received some exciting new coffees, so check them out under Our Coffees. The mist and winds off the Matanuska River, just below our home and roastery, lend a sweetness and flavor to our beans that we feel is unmatched. We're biased, of course, but check our roasts out for yourself! Our next delivery will be the 11th of February both in Palmer (Non Essentials) and Anchorage (Fromagio's). Our coffee is also available at the Turkey Red Restaurant in Palmer. Thanks so much for your support.

Organic / Fair Trade

Why Fair Trade? 

Fair Trade Certified CoffeeWell, in a very small nut shell, or coffee bean, in this case, Fair Trade means coffee purchased from small-holding farmer cooperatives at a “fair” or economically justifiable price, with sustainable environmental standards, and restrictions on child labor. Fair trade organizations advocate respect and transparency, train farmers in business practices, and assist in creating warehousing and processing plants. They can also assist farmers with organic certification. Visit FAIRTRADE for details.

Why Organic?

Organic Coffee

Toxic chemicals which have been banned in the US and Europe are still in use in many of the coffee growing countries, exposure to which creates health concerns for farmers and their families. In addition, supporting certification for organic coffee means the farmers have access to training in best practices for the environment. Visit CoffeeHabitat for more info.