Costa Rican Organic Amistad  (SOLD OUT)

Costa Rican Organic Amistad (SOLD OUT)

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This coffee from La Amistad is deee-licious with its slight apple tartness, sweet caramel and nutty notes.

Third generation farmer, Roberto Montero owns 4000 hectares adjacent to the largest natural reserve in Central America, La Amistad International Park. 300 of those hectares are planted in organic coffee, while the rest is forested and full of wildlife. Roberto’s dedication to environmental and socially responsible organic coffee farming is inspirational. Plants are fertilized 5x/year with organic fertilizer produced on site from coffee pulp, burnt coffee parchment (the ash expelled by mechanical coffee dryers), manure from chickens and dairy cows and naturally occurring rain forest soil micro-organisms. As those in the industry know, coffee production is highly dependent on water, and Roberto’s sustainable focus on water usage reflects this. The water comes from plantation springs which run the turbines that produce electricity needed for coffee milling. Cherry water from depulped coffee berries irrigates fields of grass for dairy cows, which in turn, produce milk for organic cheese. The farm also produces organic dried fruit from trees grown between the coffee plants. The fruit business provides year-round jobs for over 100 of residents from nearby Las Mellizas, and during coffee harvest season, Roberto also supplies housing and medical care for the people from neighboring Panama who come to help.