(Note - Pam and I will be traveling from October 21st to November 19th. We will be unable to provide coffee during this time frame. So sorry for this, but we will be ready to roll upon our return. Thanks for understanding!). Fall has arrived and the beautiful colors are astounding against the backdrop of snow on the peaks. We had some fun this summer getting our coffee to the Bristol Bay fleet. We started providing coffee to a processor or two, and one manager said "This stuff is flying off the shelves… can we get another 40lbs coming ASAP? …. IT’S SOOOOO GOOD!!!!" If we can power the fleet to a record harvest, just think what we can do for your productivity! Thanks to all who support us. We love getting quality coffee to you!

Drinking coffee involves ethical choices, and since you are buying coffee anyway, you might as well be enjoying Gale Force Coffee and choose to make a difference in the world. 

We support small farms and cooperatives growing ‘specialty’ coffee, which focuses on quality, sustainability, and farming practices that benefit worker communities and the environment.

Gale Force sources the freshest, single origin, organic, fairly-traded, rain forest and wildlife friendly coffees available. We roast in small batches, enhancing the subtle nuances of these specialty beans.